Henrik Nielsen startet out in 1984, with his first SLR camera. He had always loved taking photos. But in the next 20 years, it was a little on and off. But in 2006 he got his own studio, and he startet photographing models. This was the begining of the photos and stories he is making until today.  In 2010 I made my first shoot, where everything was my idea. I used more than a year, to plan and finding the right model and MUA etc. This went very well. This gave him energy to continiue with other projects. He has many ideas. In 2012 he was on his first censored exibition, and in 2014 four more. And there will be more exhibitions in near future...

Henrik loves making pictures with stories. Often "difficult" and personal stories. Something from peoples past or things that are a part of peoples life, which for other people, might be a tabu etc. Or being creative with creative models/persons who's not necessary "real" models, but just people who have something on mind, expressions etc. All kinds of people are welcome. Even if they haven't tried it before, like many of the people he shoot, hasn't either.
If a person has an odd idea, thinking, no photographer would like this idea.... You are probably wrong. Henrik Nielsen will probably take this opportunity and make fantastic photos...

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